Welcome to the Phantom jet fighter picture archive


Welcome to the Phantom jet fighter picture archive. This site has been constructed by Phantom enthusiasts, for Phantom enthusiasts. Most of the pictures you will see on this site were taken by Robert & Nick between 1984 and the present day, at RAF Wattisham in Suffolk. Robert and I are both great fans of phantom aircraft and have spent many hours at RAF Wattisham watching them takeoff and land.

The site is split in to serveral parts, 56 Squadron, 74 Squadron, technical an inside look in to the Phantom, other UK Phantom Squadrons, Phantoms of the world.

In 1974 29 Sqn and 111 Sqn exchanged their Lightnings for the more powerful Phantom FGR2, while 111 Sqn moved to RAF Leuchars, and 23 Sqn joined 56 Sqn already at Wattisham. They continued to serve together until 1983 when 23 Sqn moved to RAF Port Stanley, Falkland Islands following the Falklands conflict.

In 1984 Wattisham took delivery of 15 US Navy Phantom F4J's. These were subsequently refurbished and entered service with 74 Sqn, who took up residence in newly constructed hardened aircraft shelters (HAS) which had been built during the early 1980's. 56 Sqn and 74 Sqn served together with Phantoms until the Phantoms were sadly, withdrawn from service in 1992.

Wattisham remains in use by the Army Air Corps, who fly the McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache helicopters, also an RAF search and rescue flight and the Suffolk police helcopter, and will be for the foreseeable future.